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International Chartered Accountant

« Our job is a passion, delivering advice is our duty.”
Alain Alziary,
Chartered Accountant – Legal Auditor



Accounting expertise:

In today’s scenario of globalization and technology convergence, most businesses are outsourcing their accounting processes for better financial management and performance. Entrusting this job to the professionals makes a lot of business sense.
We work with you and your business to tailor solutions to ensure your business grows and succeeds in the challenging business environment of today. Our commitment to you is total and we will work with you in creating a successful business, dealing with your changing needs and providing considered objective advice when you need it.
The services below do not constitute the exhaustive list. We are always ready to accommodate your individual request:

Implementation of accounting plan
Book keeping and General Accounting Service
Installation and follow-up of cost accounting
Management accounts and information
Management consultancy
Annual accounts preparation
Consolidated group accounts
Revision and installation of internal control
VAT declarations
Tax returns
Tax optimisation

Business start-up

Planning is critical to successfully starting and building a business. It’s the first and not least important stage of the business lifecycle. With us you will find guidance on the tools and resources which will get you started. Once your business is up and running we will regularly review and update your activity to manage growth.


Listen and analyse the feasibility of your project
Share our expertise with you
Advise you on the various forms of business ownership and structure
Advise you on tax laws and regulations, micro-enterprise, IR, IS, tax benefit
Set up  a business plan
Follow up your needs and bankers requests
Assist you in company registration
Smooth out registration formalities
Change of company’s status , cease of activity
Assign the managers
Analyse, evaluate and valorize in the event of recovery
Compiling a financial file in case of repurchase of goodwill

This list is non exhaustive as each case has its specificities and our duty is to look for the optimal solutions to your every need.


Amongst other services we offer you our expert opinion on the following:

Preparation of managerial accounting report
Cost accounting
Costing and break-even analysis
Tax optimisation
Social taxes optimisation
Company reorganisation
Intermediate internal accounting
Business forecasting
Follow-up the estimated prognosis. Comparison study of the forecasted and achieved. Expert reports
Valorisation of goodwill
Valorisation of companies
Expansion and business expatriation


We live in the era of globalisation and internationalization. We offer our assistance in business expatriation, establishment or share acquisition of an enterprise while proposing to you the following:

Feasibility study
Tax, social and legal study
Information on bilateral conventions
Follow-up on the project
Introduction to and mediation between law professionals and local authorities


Chances are that you will need legal advice right from the inception of your business. There is a number of legal issues where you might need help in your business in addition to getting your company set up and properly authorized to conduct business. This section addresses some of the many ways in which we can help you.

Creation of company, determination of  legal status, formalities
Annual general meetings
Extraordinary general assemblies
Concession of shares
Acquisitions of shares


Social laws and labour legislation are the main topics which evolve permanently, it is essential to follow these changes on daily basis, our missions can be:

Implementation of pay slips
Advice and completion of the social declarations
Drawing up a work contract
Assistance in the termination of the a contract
Social tax optimization
Assistance and advice on the choice of the director’s remuneration.
Internal audit
Legal Audit
Due diligence


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Alain Alziary,
Chartered Accountant – Legal Auditor

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Fees and rates
Our fees are varied according to the nature of your request. The rate can be fixed or be calculated on hourly basis.  In all the cases the quotation depends on the time consumed and the matter of the job carried out.